CBD Solution- Dog’s Day Out

While some people might not agree with the fact, it is true to a great extent that animals are far more ‘human’ at heart while human beings are a little more than ‘animals’ especially in their behavior.

We always boast claim to help out friends and dear ones in their times of need but forget to keep our promise until it is too late but animals are pure at heart and always help out not only their fellow counterparts but these cold hearted humans as well who treat them as slaves.

When it comes to loyalty, there are no prizes for guessing which animal takes the cake in this regard and suffice it to say that dog is a man’s best friend and not for nothing is this proverb become so popular since time immemorial but what are we doing to keep its health in check especially when we house them as pets?

Natural Therapy

It is no secret that animals are much more vulnerable to ailments and diseases compared to humans and hence it becomes our duty to keep our pet dogs in sound health by giving them the best that we can.

But instead of running from pillar to post for a cure, why not search out a solution that can keep the main reasons that makes the body susceptible to diseases at bay? How can that be done?

The answer lies in Cannabidiol Oil, well known by its acronym CBD because this oil comes from natural sources through extracts of cannabis and hemp that are grown in areas with a pleasant climate where there is no scope for pollution.

The reason why big city people fall ill at the drop of a hat is because the 3 basic ingredients essential for survival are replete with pollutants and the climate conditions are quite worse due to smoke and poisoned chemicals emanating from factories and car exhausts giving out smoke.

Way of Use

CBD oil is the perfect natural therapy that all living beings can use but the main issue with dogs is that when they grow old, they become a little slow and lethargic, similar to us humans and so they need to be given this oil right from start so as to keep their agility intact.

This oil is basically for tackling joints issues like muscle pain, weak bones, arthritis, etc. because a dog, being unable to speak, cannot voice it except for loud barks and pitiful moans.


Best CBD oil for dogs in 2020 are as follows:

  1. Honest Paws- As with CBD products in general, it is purely organic with no room for artificial content that are lab tested before being put up for open market albeit a bit expensive but completely cost effective
  2. Spruce- It is taken from Picea extract plants that have a low THC count and no inebriation to speak of thereby making it safe for use for your pet even though it is costlier than the first one
  3. Joy Organics- Arguably the best one to come out this year where you have a money back guarantee within a month if you aren’t satisfied with the results, which is very unlikely

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