My Top 50 Tips On Nutrition Fitness And Motivation

What are my best tips for fitness, nutrition and motivation? Here they are! 50 of the best tips to make sure you eat right, train right and stay motivated!

The vitamins that suppress appetite are the ideal choice of the individuals. There is proper motivation available to the people for proper fitness. The level of nutrition is high for the people. The choosing of the correct tips is essential to have desired results on fitness and healthy body. 

Often when I meet someone at the gym, a reunion or on any other occasion, and we start to talk about fitness and health, this is always the question they ask me: what are my best tips for weight loss, nutrition, motivation, training, cardio and the list goes on.

So what I decided is to do is give you a quick list of my best 50 tips on different topics.


Drink Green tea for its health and antioxidant properties. Pre-cook meals, split them into small portions and freeze them for a quick meal or snack ready to go. Eat your vegetables. Avoid refined sugar. – To read more Do a cleansing regime once a year. Isagenix Cleanse Eat a good source of protein during meals or snack (Fish, seafood, turkey, soya bean etc.). Don’t go overboard on your cheat day. Try to not fall too far from the track. Eat 5 to 6 meals/snacks a day, 3 hours apart. Use meal replacement shakes on busy day. Isagenix Meal Replacement Use a smaller plate for your meals. It will look full with less food.

Drink water during the day. Eat complex carbohydrates. Don’t do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You will spend way more and make some bad food choices. Keep a nutrition log to record your food intake. I’m sure you will be surprised at the amount of calories or simple sugars you can eat during a day. Opt for organic and unprocessed foods. 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. This is why your nutrition is such an important factor on a weight loss program. Cook with extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Eat breakfast every day. Never skip a meal to lose weight. By eating more often your keep your metabolism active. Take a multi-vitamin. Multi-Vitamin for men or Multi-Vitamin for women Eat fruits. Include foods with fiber in your nutrition. Carry a snack with you (baby carrots, fruits, shakes, protein bar). Eat whole grain. Take fish oil supplements.


Train with free weights. Doing strength training first and cardio Second. Keep intensity high during your workout. Try circuit training like Small Group Personal Training. Challenge your muscles by increasing the weight or the reps. Keep a training log. Change your program every 4 to 6 weeks. Buy the Express Fat Loss book. BUY NOW Drink water before, during and after your workout. Warm-up before you workout. Stretch after you workout. Work on compound movements like squat, bench press, military press or deadlift, instead of isolation movements. Measure yourself with a tape instead of just looking at your weight. Do cardio with HIIT. Link to Article Don’t waste money on magic pills like Fat Burner. Keep your workout short but intense. Take a post workout shake after each workout. Have fun during your workout. Be consistent with your workouts. Do not read during your cardio session.


Visualize yourself how you want to be. Believe in yourself. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Set realistic goals to keep you on track. If you fall, get up even faster.


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