Reshape The Definition Of Fashion With Sustainable Fashion

Fashion sense speaks a tale about a person. How a person carries himself or herself and how he or she comes out to the world is a sign of how particular they are when it comes to self-care and self-love. However, whenever the world fashion reaches the ears, the only thing that comes up is clothes, shoes, and accessories. However, fashion is more than these things. Redesigning the old set of the piece is a trending fashion style. The bloggers are inclining their asses to sustainable fashion. 

The term sustainable fashion has gained up huge popularity in the last few years. You must know that the clothing industry releases harmful chemicals, such as bleach and dyes, which affect the environment. It is a piece of proven news that the fashion industry’s waste is killing the water livings. 

What is sustainable fashion?

The above reason is enough to do something for nature and the environment; being mature human beings, it is your responsibility to protect mother nature. That’s when sustainable fashion came into the picture. Sustainable words define avoiding depletion of natural resources so that ecological balance can be maintained. 

Sustainable fashion flashes upon the concept of manufacturing garments with less consumption of water and other chemicals to protect the environment. Apart from this industry, several industries are heavily contributing to degrading the environment. However, several industries such as Shpetrik have understood the meaning and importance of mother nature and actively participating and contributing their shares to save a life.

Main issues to consider for sustainable fashion

There are several factors that you need to consider before going for sustainable fashion, but here are the major ones:

Contamination and water consumption: The amount of water used must be minimum, and the chemical wastes must not be dumped into the rivers or sea because it risks the sea life.

The high emission of energy through the industry creates air pollution as well as noise pollution. Therefore, energy consumption should be lower than usual; it saves the cost of manufacturing and protects the environment.

Chemical usage such as pesticides and fertilizers in the production of raw cotton must be minimized as it is a threat to animals and humans.

The land occupied for setting up the industry is quite large in the measure. It should be reduced to a few acres so that farming can be done there.

Sustainable Fashion Materials

There were times when no fashion industry was set up, but the clothes were

glimmering, the eyes bright. The raw material used in those times was subtle and elegant because it was grown and manufactured naturally. The modern time’s sustainable fashion materials are:

  • Pineapple leather Akka pinatex
  • Tencel
  • MycoTEX
  • Koba(vegan fur)

Organic cotton is made from milk protein called casein.

The designers have made a point of sustainable fashion clear by taking a positive step in this industry. The world needs to know about these promising terms to have a blooming future.


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