The Best 10 YouTube Video Downloader Websites You Need to Know

Do you want to Download youtube videos without any hassle? If yes, then many websites can help you with this task. This article will discuss the top 10 Youtube video downloader websites you need to know. With the help of these services, you can easily download any video from the popular streaming platform – YouTube. By using these sites, you can save your favorite videos for offline viewing and share them with your friends and family. So let’s dive into the list and find out which one is best for downloading youtube videos.

1) SaveFrom

SaveFrom is one of the most popular online tools for downloading videos from YouTube and other streaming platforms. It offers a fast and easy way to grab videos in different qualities like 360p, 720p, or even 1080p HD quality. All you need to do is just paste the URL of the video in its search box and it will automatically start downloading within a few seconds. It also supports parallel downloads which allow downloading multiple files at once.

2) Y2Mate

Y2Mate is another great website for downloading YouTube videos without any software or extra plugins. It offers an intuitive interface where all the formats available are listed on the homepage itself. You can choose between MP4, 3GP, WEBM, or M4A formats, depending on your requirements. The best thing about Y2Mate is that it supports batch downloads, which makes it very convenient to download multiple files at the same time, without any restrictions on the size or the number of file downloads per day.

3) ClipConverter

ClipConverter is a great tool if you want to convert and save your favorite YouTube videos with ease. It has various options, such as audio-only mode or HD resolution formats, so that users can choose the format they want when downloading YouTube videos. It also offers various features such as automatic detection of links from the clipboard or drags and drop option for faster downloads that make it stand out among other tools available on the web market today.

4) KeepVid

KeepVid has been around since 2007 and yet it remains one of the most reliable sources for downloading free youtube videos online! This service supports more than 1000 websites, including famous ones like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc, so if you are ever looking for something beyond YouTube, then KeepVid should be your go-to place! It also has a neat feature called ‘Video Grabber’ which allows users to grab digital media directly from specific websites by pasting their URLs into a text box provided on the KeepVid homepage itself!

5) VidPaw

If you have already tried some online video downloaders but were not satisfied, try VidPaw now! Not only does this site offer support for various sites such as Instagram, and Twitter, but it also offers an impressive array of options when it comes to choosing quality when saving a particular clip from the internet! As well as the usual formats such as MP4 & 3GP, users can also get the Webm format (which isn’t supported by many other tools). Apart from all that, VidPaw also offers live chat support, so if you ever encounter any problems while using their services, just contact them & they’ll solve it right away!

6) Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free is another great utility tool when it comes to converting & grabbing clips from the web instantly! Its interface may seem a bit complicated due to the presence of too many options, but once you familiarise yourself with the basics, everything else becomes easier! As the name suggests, this program isn’t limited to certain sites (such as YouTube & similar), but rather works across a wide range of applications such as DVD burning, etc! Last but not least, Any Video Converter Free includes a built-in editor, so users don’t have to manually edit clips before sharing them on different platforms!

7) 4K Video Downloader

As its name suggests, 4K Video Downloader specializes in delivering ultra-high definition content, i.e. 4K resolutions. Furthermore, this program focuses more on saving complete playlists rather than individual songs/clips. That said, what really sets 4K Video Downloader apart from the rest is its robust speed engine. This means that whenever someone tries to grab content via the 4K Video Downloader, he/she won’t experience laggy downloads thanks to the efficient engine that powers the application’s backend. Finally, don’t worry about security because due to the fact that no viruses accompany the installation package, therefore, making safe use of computer resources every time.

8) Convert2mp3

Last but not least, let us introduce Convert2MP3 – a powerful yet easy-to-use tool designed especially for those who want to convert their favorite music tracks to mp3 format quickly and efficiently. As the others mentioned above, Convert2MP3 uses cutting-edge technology to provide world-class performance every time the user interacts with its services. Plus all conversions take place in the background thus allowing you to perform tasks without getting disturbed by annoying pop-up ads of any kind.


There are many choices when it comes to selecting an online video downloader website for YouTube videos, but choosing one depends on the end user’s preferences & needs! To make sure that everyone gets the best out of the internet surfing experience; we hope the aforementioned list helps readers choose the right utility according to his/her liking!


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