Scientist Closer Tinnitus Cure

The term Tinnitus came from the Latin word that means “ringing”. It is the perception of a sound inside the ears but with the absence of any external sound. Papers and magazines such as orlandoweekly have been helping people knowing and getting aware of such diseases and what possible thing can they do to make it better. The Tinnitus can be perceived to either of the ears or could be both and can also be inside the head. It was also relatively described as a “wooshing” sound which is similar to the sound of the wind or the waves. Tinnitus can be continuous or intermittent but in most cases, later on as it progresses, the sound can create a great deal of distress to the person.

While this may affect some of the people, the causes of Tinnitus come in different ways. However the result may be common and this result to otologic disorders- it is a condition similar to losing the ability of the person to hear sounds properly. From among all the other causes known, the most common is the noise-induced hearing loss. This is resulting to excessive exposure to loud noises but the onset immediate hearing loss have no known external causes. Other causes of tinnitus would include ototologic problems and loss of hearing like middle ear effusion, external ear infection, and acoustic shock to mention a few. Even other factors like neurologic, metabolic, psychiatric disorders are also traced as something that can trigger the occurrence of tinnitus.

Like so many other disorders, Science has lived to provide a cure. And now scientist firmly believes that they are a step closer into Tinnitus cure. This is after they have found out what could have been the cause of the ringing inside the ears. Their studies have shown that the loss of hearing goes hand in hand also with overly excited nerves inside the brain area which is responsible in processing sound. Neuroscience believes that the uncontrollable activities of the nerve cause the plague of tinnitus that seems to be through gene changes. This is turn raises the Tinnitus cure by then silencing its nerve activities. Although the studies for the Tinnitus cure was carried out to guinea pigs which is an animal variety rather than the human, still they ultimately believe that the findings will provide a Tinnitus cure.

Neurosurgeon Dirk de Ridder has implanted electrodes into the brain of the sufferers that will permanently normalize the neurons that are overactive. The studies had showed him successful results although only one has reported to experience a side effect. The latest study conducted at the University of Western Australia, researchers found increased activity in the nerves situated at the auditory brainstem, to where sounds are processed. This was then linked to the changes in genes that are involved in the regulatory activity of these nerve cells. The findings meant that it is really possible to use drugs in blocking the activity and will later on provide Tinnitus cure in the near future.

So many people are now affected and suffer from Tinnitus and the scientists are even more excited with their new findings. The significant progress to a Tinnitus cure is becoming clearer now than before. Overtime, Tinnitus cure will be readily available. For the meantime, we should take care of our ears and not overuse it to avoid experiencing the same.


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